Final Weekly Announcement – 2016/2017

1. Departing Cadets & Staff

Best wishes to CWO Hamilton and Sgt Belyea who are retiring from the Canadian Cadet Organization (CCO).

A big thank you to Cpl Smith for his dedication to the corps the past few years – best of luck on your future endeavours.

And finally, another big thank you to Ms Raddatz for all her hard work over the past 14 years.

2. Summer Camp Information

Joining Instructions

Remember to complete all the annexes and bring them with you to camp.

Blackdown Joining Instructions

Connaught Joining Instructions

Summer Emergency Contact: Captain Longpré at 1-855-475-4400 or by email.

3. Year-End Trip – POSTPONED 

Due to the thunderstorms planned all weekend, Le Parc des Chutes Coulonge has recommend that we postponed our trip until another time. Because exams are coming up for some cadets, we will look at doing our year-end trip (YET) in September.

Our last activity is the Canada Day Parade (please see the calendar). It will be a quick parade in support of the Legion; the parade itself is less than hour long.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Captain Longpré
Commanding Officer

4. Canada Day Parade

The unit will be supporting the community and Legion by participating in this year’s Canada Day Parade at the Waterfront. The parade will begin at the Waterfront. This parade is mandatory for all cadets and staff. Please see the calendar for details.

5. First Day Back

Junior Cadets (Ranks: Cadet – Master Bombardier)

September 5th

Senior Cadets (Ranks: Sergeant – Chief Warrant Officer)

August 29th

6. Corps Photos

Click the image above to purchase your individual or group photo.