Out-Clear from Cadets


Whether you hit your 19th birthday, you are transferring to another unit, or you have other obligations which no longer allow you the time to continue with the cadet program, we wish you the best of luck in the future!

In order for you to be “Struck off Strength” and removed from our nominal roll, we require you complete the following:

  • Request a meeting with the Commanding Officer;
  • Return your issued uniform; and
  • Return any other equipment you may have been issued.

When you are finished being out-cleared, the corps will provide the following:

  • A completed CF 559 – Cadet Certificate of Service; and
  • A copy of the cadet’s personnel file

[alert type=”danger”]  NOTICE

Cadets will not be removed from the unit’s roll until they have properly out-cleared. Cadet’s will not be provided with a CF 559, a copy of their personnel file, nor will a reference be provided (when requested by an employer) if they have not properly out-cleared.


Questions about out-clearing can be directed to the Administration Officer.