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Welcome new parents! Here are some quick points to introduce you to the Pembroke Army Cadets.

Commanding Officer Parades

On the first Tuesday of every second month (October, December, February, April, June), the cadets will participate in a Commanding Officer’s Parade (or CO’s Parade, for short). The purpose of these parades are to showcase the hard work that cadets have put into learning and practice of drill. Speical presentations, award, and promotions will take place on CO’s Parades. We encourage parents to attend to support the cadets and celebrate their accomplishments. CO’s Parades begin at 2015 hours and we ask that parents be seated in the Armoury prior to that time.

Support Committee

The Support Committee fulfills a critical role in fundraising to support corps activities as well as supporting us in numerous other aspects of program delivery. Each parent is automatically a member of the committee upon having a child join the corps. The Support Committee meets monthly, with dates and timings announced on our unit calendar. Meetings are held at the Armoury.

Without a vibrant and dynamic committee, this corps could not offer the incredible training program that we do. You are highly encouraged parents to get involved with the Support Committee.

How to Contact Us

Email is the unit’s primary contact method. 

Click here to see our contact info.

What We Ask of Parents

Any assistance parents can provide to the Support Committee, in support of your cadet is greatly appreciated. The following are a few expectations of parents or guardians:

  • Attend Commanding Officer’s Parades (first Tuesday of every second month (Oct., Dec., Feb., Apr., Jun) to support your cadet on parade;
  • Help with fundraising activities and volunteer for activities, when needed;
  • Help your child learn how to wash, iron, and take care of their cadet uniforms. Please do not do your child’s uniform for them, we want them to learn.
  • Encourage your cadet to follow their “chain-of-command”. If they’re not sure where a badge should be sewn on their uniform or what time they need to be at the Armoury for a field training exercise (FTX), after checking the website, have them call their Troop Commander; and
  • Keep an open communication with the corps. If your cadet is having a hard time, or you have a concern, please send us an email, give us a call or visit the Admin Office in person. All of our staff are here and committed to offering a fun program to the youth in our community.


We are proud to be one of the few you organizations that does not charge a membership or registration fee.

The Department of National Defence (DND) covers most of our training requirements, uniforms, use of the Armoury, while the Support Committee (in association with the Army Cadet League of Canada) helps with the rest of the costs needed to provide an exceptional training program.

They are limited expenses a cadet will incur is her/her personal kit to maintain their dress standard (haircuts, shoe polish, hair gel, shoe polish, link brush, etc).

In order to help keep our expenses to the individual cadet as low as possible, parent and cadet participation in fundraising activities are essential and expected to allow the unit to offer our exception training program.