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Let the Challenge Begin!


Troop Points Standings are posted in the Routine Orders.

As a way to encourage moral and esprit-de-corps, a challenge has been established between Troops. The objective of the ‘Troop Points Challenge’ is for each troop to obtain as many points as possible within the training year.

Each troop starts with 100 points for the start each training year. Points from previous years are not carried forward.

Troop Points System

+ 10 point – Each cadet who joins a Specialty Team (Marksmanship, Drill, Orienteering)

+ 5 points – Best Dressed Cadet for CO’s Parade

+ 5 points – Each positive note added to a cadet’s file

+ 5 point – Each cadet who participation in a volunteer activity

+ 2 points – Each cadet who participates in a FTX

+ 1 point – Per cadet who obtains a qualification (Marksmanship, Fitness, First-Aid, etc)

+ 1 point – Officer Points – (Each officer is given 10 points / month to distribute at their discretion)

– 5 points – Per cadet who is AWOL (un-excused attendance)

– 5 points – Each disciplinary chit added to a cadet’s file (Cautionary or Written)